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WWW website – An online presence, do you want to increase your income by reaching more customers? Modern responsive websites and online stores!

Three packages are available in our offer. Please select the one that is most appropriate for you and contact us:

ServiceCMS MiniCMS StandardCMS Professional
Domain registrationYYY
Domain redirection to the serverYYY
Database configurationYYY
Wordpress configurationYYY
Installation of the page themeYYY
The identity of the siteYYY
The content of the pageYYY
Content optimizationNYY
Page menuYYY
Google mapYYY
Contact formYYY
Photo galleryNYY
E-mail address in the domainYYY
Site statisticsNYY
Website preloaderNYY
Website protectionNYY
Reminders about the payment deadlineYYY
Website developmentYYY
Custom sectionsNNY
Price (does not include the cost of domain and hosting)Price from:
- 790 AUD
- 590 EUR
- 559 $
Price from:
- 1290 AUD
- 940 EUR
- 890 $
Price from:
- 2099 AUD
- 1490 EUR
- 1390 $

Explanation of the terms used in the price list:

  1. Hosting – providing server resources that allow the website to function properly. The page files will be placed on the hard disk of a fast and stable server that supports the PHP scripting language and access to the database. The use of hosting is subject to periodic charges at the beginning of each billing period. No payment on time will result in the suspension of the provision of services.
    The service is targeted at customers who do not have their own server.
  2. Domain registration – the service consists in registering the domain chosen by the Principal. The availability of domains does not depend on the Contractor. Both domain registration and subsequent renewal are subject to annual fees at the beginning of each billing period. No payment on time will result in the exclusion of the domain, as well as the probability of permanently losing it.
  3. Domain-to-server redirection – referral of purchased domains to the DNS of the shared server and help in domain redirection in the case when the Principal already has its own domain.
  4. Database configuration – preparation of a database in which there will be page content, add-ons, all settings, parameters, statistics. The database is necessary for the functioning of a website based on the Content Management System (CMS) WordPress.
  5. WordPress configuration – access to the content management system installation and configuration allowing to collect content in the prepared database, as well as display them in the registered domain.
  6. Theme installation – the page template selected by the Customer is installed to the existing WordPress configuration. The effect of this service is to launch the website in the selected template on the registered domain. Page templates are prepared in the Responsive Web Design technique, so that the appearance of the website changes depending on the size of the screen on which it is displayed. Thanks to responsiveness of the website, even on small displays of mobile devices, the content is clear and the website is comfortable.
  7. Website identity – completing the installed template with the name and icon displayed on the browser toolbar. The name and logo in the form of a square with a minimum size of 512x512px must be provided by the Principal prior to the commencement of works.
  8. Website content – complementing the content of the theme selected by the Principal with the content provided by the Customer. The service consists in a one-time posting of texts on the main page or subpages depending on the form of the selected theme. The standard information is the company description, offer, product catalog. The service allows the inclusion of up to 12 texts. The layout, arrangement and coloring of texts depends on the selected template. It is necessary that the content received from the Principal is unique. Otherwise, you may not be able to position the page.
  9. Content optimization – Supplementing the content with metadata to support positioning, such as keywords, page title, meta description in a way that allows the page to be placed higher in the search engine results. In addition, the texts will be optimized in accordance with the principles of SEO. This operation does not replace the positioning of the website, which must be carried out continuously to be effective, but it is a necessary stage for achieving a high position in the search engines.
  10. Page menu – a website, depending on its content and number of pages, needs a clear navigation method. As part of this service, a menu will be prepared to find relevant information on the website.
  11. Google Map – placing a map of transport along with the location of the company’s headquarters. In the case of using this service, the Customer undertakes to provide the address which is to be found on it.
  12. Contact form – placing a form enabling sending an e-mail directly from the website. The appearance depends on the selected template. If you use this service, the Customer undertakes to forward the address to which messages are to be sent.
  13. Photo gallery – the service consists in placing a list of thumbnails of photos provided by the Customer on the subpage or in a fragment of the main page depending on the selected template. Clicking on the thumbnail opens, without scrolling to another page, a responsive photo fit to the size of the screen.
  14. E-mail address in the domain – establishment of an e-mail box with the name of the website in the address, e.g. „office@nazwastrony.pl”.
  15. Website statistics – a module that allows for the analysis of entries to the website available after logging in to the administration panel of the website. Information is displayed in quantitative form as well as using charts. The presented data include the number of page views each month, the number of users entering the site in a given month, the total number of users entering the site, average time spent on the website, the average number of subpages viewed by the user and the number of redirects to the page from the search engine.
  16. Page preloader – an element visible on the screen when loading the main content of the page. It avoids the unpleasant effect of loading large images with a slow internet connection. It is turned off immediately after the page is loaded.
  17. Cookies – adaptation to the requirements of the Telecommunications Law Act (information on so-called cookies).
  18. Website security – advanced security features such as blocking users trying to break in with a brute force attack, changing standard addresses to access advanced page settings, or temporarily blocking access for users entering non-existent pages within a domain.
  19. Backups – automatic backup in the event of a failure.
  20. Reminders about the payment date – in order to avoid disabling the availability of the website on the Internet, reminders are sent about the upcoming payment deadline for the domain and server to the email address provided by the Customer.
  21. Expansion – the possibility of expanding the site in the future. It is necessary to prepare a separate contract after determining the details of the order.
  22. Custom sections – definition of own sections on the main page.

The resignation from any point does not affect the final price of the service.

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