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We will build an online shop for you!

Our projects are based on the PrestaShop platform, which copes well with the large traffic of customers, maintaining the appropriate speed of the website. It is a popular tool, thanks to which there are many plugins and add-ons on the market. A multitude of solutions, significantly reduces costs compared to the implementation of them from scratch for a single store.
The online shop can be freely modified and expanded, also after its launch.

Basic functionalities of the PrestaShop store:

  • product search engine based on the determined validity of selected items, e.g. product category, product name, added features to products, etc.,
  • any modification of the category structure,
  • service of orders baskets,
  • availability of products managed by including inventory,
  • grouping of products due to producers,
  • contact form – sending messages with customer requests, orders,
  • ending products,
  • product reviews,
  • define the type of shipment to be selected by the user. The possibility of cost dependence on weight or on the value of sales.
  • various forms of payment – transfers, downloads, electronic payments (require signing a contract with an intermediary such as PayU, etc.).

Sample projects:

The implementation of the store consists of two separate parts:

Part 1 – 1190 AUD / 799 EUR / 750 $ – Control panel and functioning of the store. An element independent of introduced visual changes visible by buyers.
The service includes elements that allow you to run the store:

  • store installation on the server,
  • DNS configuration of the domain,
  • creation of an online store database,
  • installation and configuration of plugins,
  • connecting external services,
  • short training in the use of the control panel (adding products, managing categories, adding features, handling product combinations, adding brands, controlling stock levels).

The store’s configuration includes a preset option:

  • setting up and operating user accounts,
  • selection of attributes of the product being sold,
  • inventory control,
  • extensive service of rebates and coupons,
  • control of varied weight and value at product shipping prices,
  • defining payment methods and types of available shipping methods,
  • configuration of search methods,
  • definition of e-mail addresses and company’s location.

Part 2 – 390 AUD / 290 EUR / 270 $ – adaptation of the visual design of the store’s part to the needs of the company.
PrestaShop templates are built of modules that require configuration. Each section of the main page, subpage elements, or menu elements are separate modules that require configuration and visual adjustment to your requirements. Such configuration is performed as part of part 2 of the store implementation. Available changes allow also to set the color, turn page sections on and off, change graphics, etc.

The introduction of additional, previously undefined features of the template, can increase the price depending on their complexity.

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